Leaky roof this season?

Roof Leak Inspection 

Finding roof Leaks can be a very difficult process at times because of the number of possible roofing elements involved, this is why a roof leak inspection is so important to diagnose the problem areas.

With our experienced skilled Roofing inspector on the case you can be sure to get the correct diagnosis.

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How it works?
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Roof Inspection

A roof inspector will come to site and moisture test the internal ceilings to isolate any wet areas.

Roof Walk

If any high moisture readings are found and have been isolated the next step is to get onto the roof if it is safe to do so and look for any weak points, like rusty flashings, holes, or incorrect installation of roofing materials.


If we are happy that the problem area has been found we will then measure up and quote the work or give a estimate on costs.

Temporarily Seal

If we are able to temporarily seal the leak on the spot to stop any leaking and damage occurring we will advise and liaise onsite at the time. This will give an indication of the problem and the costs involved for quoting purposes.

The cost

The cost of a leak inspection is $240 plus GST

This includes travel to and from site and the time involved to diagnose the problem and send you a brief overview of what we find.